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Weekly review - Week 11

I have started practicing again! Yay!

What I have done this week :

  • continuing on 50 heads of Reyes Vidal

  • line exercise

  • watched a few lessons on color mixing (Part 1 was okay, Part 2 was…WTF? LOL)

I forgot to factor in the fact that I will be super busy at work during March - May…(tax return lodgement due date is approaching and a few of my clients are ALWAYS running late) HOWEVER, it won’t stop me from learning! :D (back to GOD MODE, I am feeling great!)

Until next week then!

Weekly review - Week 9

What I have done this week: (Look, this week was super hot…)

  • daily line exercises

  • working on 50 Heads of Reyes Vidal - Deeper (Pose no 1) <- it was a nightmare

  • that’s it….I didn’t work on any new piece. <- I’ve failed this city

Image 1 : Reyes sparked no joy so I drew a girl (I did this today)

Image 2 : 50 heads of Reyes Vidal - Deeper - Pose 1 #6

Image 3 : 50 heads of Reyes Vidal - Deeper - Pose 1 #17 (I drew this today and shit, I’m going backward)

TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Weekly review - Week 4

Another hot week in Melbourne this week… which means that I was not productive at all…^^;;

However I did finish the following:

  • finished my first ever ink drawing

  • nearly finished coloring Pancakes Reyes (now he is going to be the 2019 Valentine Card)

I think I can write an essay on the mistakes I have made on the above 2 projects. You know what? I think I should!

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