Weekly review - Week 24

Wow…week 24..nearly half the year has gone and I feel like I have been procrastinating most of the time for the past 3 months. It was right after I realized the time I would need to invest in order to reach my goal and the level I desire. We are talking about at least 5 years, 40 hours a week, constant practice like a lunatic everyday. Do I have the willpower to keep doing it?

All I know is, I can’t fully enjoy what I am doing until I’ve reached the minimum standard. I will also have to spend my time wisely and study in a very structured format. It will involve a lot of deliberate practice, like drawing the same head over and over again. My ex coach told me I would be fine after I drew 10,000 heads, so far I don’t think I have reached 500 yet. (LOL)

I guess I can only give it a go and hope for the best?

P.S. I will start by copying Andrew Loomis’ books and apply the concept to my other studies.