Weekly review - Week 18

Week 18 already! So what have I done this week?

  • daily sketches on the week days

  • finished the illustration for chapter 10 (I will post it on Patreon with finished + step <-if I can find the files…..)

  • I walked 10KM + on the weekend and caught many many pokemon LOL

  • And now, I can barely walk………….

Here! This is me and my buddy.


This is the ONLY Pikachu I managed to catch so far. His CP is embarrassingly low but I will never part with him. LOL (By the way, his name is Charlatan. XD) He will totally electrocute you!

By the way, starting Patreon is really a good decision. I need motivation and I have got it from Patreon. Thank you so much, my pika pika patrons! (I should make a Pikachu drawing with Reyes…………….hahaha……..^^;;;;;;;)