Weekly review - Week 19

what have I done this week?

  • Daily sketches

  • pretty much that’s all I have done this week

  • (……… binge watching Lucifer S4………..)

  • I watched Detective Pikachu! ^___________________^

  • Bought tickets to Distant Worlds…………………T^T

I accidentally stumbled upon a video on Youtube called the “5 Phases Every Artist Goes Through”. According to this video, I am currently going through 2 phases simultaneously! (The 3rd and the 4th phase) LOL The 4th phase will clear my bank account (it will never go away) and the 3rd phase will probably drive me nuts very soon. However, I’ve never experienced the 2nd phase. Weird I guess? About the 5th phase she mentioned….I didn’t understand what she was talking, probably because I’ve never been to an art school or I am just OLD. XD

That’s it! I hope I have more energy to study this week! :)