Weekly review Week 17

What have I done this week?

  • line exercise YES!

  • daily sketch 50% YES!

  • drafted illustration for “The Charlatan’s Seduction Plan” Chapter 10 YES!! (Tumblr bot! Watch me! XD)

  • Completed PS4 Spider-man (T^T I love this game soooo much)

  • I watched Endgame too………..I am happy for #!$%$.

Week 17 was a good week. I have mostly got back to my daily routine which is a good thing. Remember I mentioned I was working on a “thing” last week? Yeah? Here is the thing!

30 April 2019.jpg


Apparently Patreon is going to change their pricing from early May and people on twitter were saying if you were considering to start a Patreon in the future, you might as well do it now. So I did. Just in case.

I have 5 patrons now. All of them are my good friends. Thanks for making it not so awkward for me! I love you guys forever!

Now that I have started Patreon, I believe this will motivate me to draw more. Look, I cannot just sit here and do nothing, right? I only offer one tier - pay what you want. I didn’t open a “commission tier” since I want to spend all my time studying how to get better at drawing. I will open commission when I am ready. Right now? Too soon. I am not worthy! :D

If you are interested to join this art journey with me, here is the link to my Patreon Page. (no pressure!)