Weekly review - Week 13

What have I done this week?

  • haven’t done any line exercise last week

  • haven’t worked on 50 heads of Reyes Vidal

  • did one drawing (I will post it on the website this week, it will be filed under MISC)

  • started working on a new drawing. Bed scene….. (…Do I still need to tag it?????)

  • watched Spider-verse. I super love the out of shape Peter Parker.

  • continue playing PS4 Spider-man. (63% now) I hope Peter can find a place to stay and have a good meal by the time I reach 100%.…………..MJ probably will adopt him I guess.

  • also played the last DLC of FFXV (so much fun playing as the BIG BOSS)

March was a busy month at work and I have been distracted by some external factors, I haven’t been productive at all. And thanks to those external factors, I’ve realized something important, which is a good thing. I am now back on track. Ready to angst over the “ican’tdoitican’tdoitican’tdoititisnotworkingFFFF!” daily routine. ^_^