Weekly review - week 5

What have I done this week? …….

  • 90% done with Reyes Pancakes ( I think he is so done with me as well)

  • refining the rough drafts of the Tarot Cards, still a long way before reaching the final draft stage

  • started the #%}£?! Project . I can f*#king do it

  • found the model I loved.

I think I enjoy doing warm up exercises so much more than actually drawing. It is almost zen. I can also see improvement, now I can draw perfect vertical lines using charcoal pencil, well, most of the time ! (Look, I can handle charcoal pencils, something I couldn’t do when I first started!) It is also getting easier to use overhand grip and drawing with my shoulder, in fact, I found it difficult to control my pencil using my wrist … which is a good news. That’s something I thought it would be impossible to achieve. :)


Let’s get rid of these Moleskine Cahier! XD (actually, they are not too bad)