Weekly review - Week 7

What I have completed this week :

He Sparks MEGA Joy!

He Sparks MEGA Joy!

Reyes also helps killing Moleskine sketchbooks. LOL I have already done with the first one.

I have made a decision to stop posting illustrations on Tumblr. From now on, all illustrations will be posted directly to my website - artsyblacksheep.com. If you wish to receive update notification, you can PM me your email address, I will add you on my newsletter group. I won’t spam you and you will only be receiving emails relating to updates on the website. I will also push blog posts to Tumblr, so you can still see update notices via Tumblr.

I will still post stuff on Tumblr, answer meme, etc, please continue sending meme and ask to me. :) I’ll only stop posting drawings directly on Tumblr. There are many reasons why I made this decision, one of the major reason is - I paid for the domain name and website, it would be a waste of money if I don’t work on it regularly. And, it will certainly help simplifying my life! :D