Weekly review - Week 6

What I have done this week:

  • Started a new one page comic (what?)

  • Started inking said comic (60% done)

  • Did line exercise every day

  • Completed 18/50 of the @#)#$!)){&%@# project

The !#$%)@#)@ project was going strong for the first few days then I kind of forgot why I was doing it, which was super annoying. Phase 1 is to get into the habit of “DOING” it. The main purpose is not to draw pretty images.

Hopefully I can finish the one page comic this week. I didn’t plan to do it so soon, I thought I wasn’t ready but hey we’re never “ready”, right?

I will post Reyes pancake this week, it is time to move on. And, I really should update the website. LOL There are a few drawings I can share.