Weekly review - week 2

I was a busy bee last week. I have experienced my first emo episode in 2019. I guess it is actually a good thing that I have had such mini “meltdown” so bloody early in the year. Now I am back in God Mode. Honestly, I should add “don’t give a damn” to my 2019 resolution. The world of art is wonderful, Reyes is wonderful, why should I get upset with a bunch of “beep”? LOL Special thanks to Lena and Natsora, I have annoyed the hell out of you guys this week! XD

Apart from the above drama, I also started another new Reyes project! This one is with Lena! It will involve flowers, trees, snake, Anubis and naked Reyes (nothing new) !!

Still need to work on pillow man aka Pancake Reyes. I don’t like his face. I also don’t like his upper arms so yeah , sorry dude , we need to perform a series of plastic surgery!

That’s it for this week! :)