The Misfortune of Reyes Vidal

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KATE ryder

Eldest daughter to Alec and Ellen Ryder. She enlisted in the Systems Alliance along with her twin younger. She is trained as a combat operative Marine and attained the rank of Corporal before resigning as a non-commissioned officer of the Systems Alliance. After the death of Alec Ryder, then human Pathfinder, on Habitat-07, Kate Ryder received the mandate of Pathfinder from her father, bypassing his designated second, Cora Harper. Though inexperienced and expected to fail, Kate Ryder pulled together a crew of mixed species to find the first outpost on Eos. Other notable accomplishments includes making first contact with the angaras and re-establishing ties with both the krogans on Elaaden and the Outcasts on Kadara.

reyes vidal

His records among many others were corrupted during the Nexus Uprising but recovered data stated he was a pilot assigned to shuttle N-503 call-sign “Anubis”. Why and in what manner was he involved in the Uprising remains a mystery, though he claimed he had no part in the actual Uprising. He along with many others joined Sloane Kelly, former Security Director, in their exile to Kadara. There he established himself as a jack of all trades, his skills ranged from information gathering, to smuggling and beyond. He was the preferred smuggler by virtue of being more reliable. He has also made ties with the local angara population and he is regularly referred to as Sheena, mouth in Shelesh.

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reyder meter (a.k.a. sam-o-meter)

The Pathfinder and Mr. Vidal were put into contact through the Angara Resistance leader, Evfra de Tershaav, while attempting to gain intel on the whereabouts of the Archon and his ship. The Pathfinder claims they work well together and all evidence supports her claim. On the other hand, Mr. Vidal had been reported to complain that working with the Pathfinder was a taxing affair as it renders all his usual verbal and physical finesse to nought in the face of the cheeky Pathfinder.

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