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ArtsyBlacksheep but you can call me Kit. This is a place where I self indulge.

All about Reyes Vidal

Everything Reyes Vidal related is included in this area. Just in case you don’t know who Reyes Vidal is, here is a link for you.



This includes all Reyes related drawings and comic I did so far

The Charlatan & The Coinshot (coming soon)

My first book illustrations project. A Mistborn/MEA crossover fanfction written by @HIMluv (AO3 & Tumblr)


The MISFORTUNE of reyes vidal

Another Reyes Vidal fanfic project. Story written by @natsora (AO3 & Tumblr)



Here you can find all my other drawings that aren’t related to Reyes Vidal. Mostly Mass Effect related.


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I offer a “PAY WHAT YOU WANT” tier on Patreon. For a minimum of $1 per month, you get the following perks:

  • Daily warmup sketches (Hi Res)

  • Any drawings I did during the month (Hi Res)

  • Quarterly random surprises

  • You make me happy XD



I do not own any of the above titles and characters. I am merely a fan. Please don’t sue me.