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The Creator

I am blacksheep33512 on Tumblr but you can call me Kit. This is a place where I self indulge.

All about Reyes Vidal

Everything Reyes Vidal related is included in this area. Just in case you don’t know who Reyes Vidal is, here is a link for you.


The Charlatan & The Coinshot (coming soon)

My first book illustrations project. A Mistborn/MEA crossover fanfction written by @HIMluv (AO3 & Tumblr)



This includes all Reyes related drawings I did so far


Short comic (coming soon)

This includes all one off Reyes Comic

(more project will be coming in 2019)


Here you can find all my other drawings that aren’t related to Reyes Vidal, Ilona Andrews and Lucifer. Mostly Mass Effect related.


Updates and journal and among other things


I am not accepting any commission/request at the moment. This is for future use only.


I do not own any of the above titles and characters. I am merely a fan. Please don’t sue me.